Courses for Good & Neat Handwriting Few words about us

Hello, enthusiasts of handwriting

Shraddha Srinivas here.

In 2004, we founded the "Shraddha English" institute. Our spoken English school began instructing students in tidy and legible handwriting in 2006. We have so far trained more than 5000 pupils in high school and college as well as about 3000 adults who are aspiring candidates for competitive exams.

Which kinds of handwriting lessons are available? "Shraddha English" provides practical instruction in a variety of handwriting techniques, including calligraphy, cursive, and italics. Even if what you write may be expertly structured, articulate, punctuated, and spelt, everyone should be able to read it and understand it. It has been shown that handwriting is important in both personal and professional life. Your writing reflects your character and your virtues.


Special Information About Us:

Our handwriting classes will encourage students to practice the Dos and Don'ts of handwriting as well as help them build nice, legible handwriting.

Consequently, it allows you to

1. Show respect for both your work and the reader.

2. Recognize the flaws in your current writing style so that you might develop a strong desire for handwriting.

3. Write clearly and using a finer pen.

4. Maintain a desk that matches your handwriting.

5. Focus on one letter at a time, and when you have made progress with that one, go on to the next.

6. Acquire proper pen- or pencil-holding technique.

7. Don't completely change the way you write.