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                Good & Neat Handwriting  Courses

A Few Lines About Us

Hello, Handwriting enthusiasts,

I am Shraddha Srinivas.

 We established ”Shraddha English” institute in 2004. Ours is basically spoken English training institute and started training in good and neat handwriting in 2006. So far, we have trained over 5000 school and college students and around 3000 adults out of whom competitive exam aspirants are more.

    Which Type of Handwriting courses :

        ‘Shraddha  English’  apart from English language skills, offers  a hands-on training in different handwriting  skills  such  as cursive, italics  and calligraphy. What you write may be beautifully organised, well expressed, perfectly punctuated and superbly spelled besides it should be  legible as well  as readable  by everyone. It’s a proven fact that handwriting plays a significant role in personal and professional life. Your qualities reflect in your handwriting and your character can  easily  be  read from it, Handwriting  improvement  may even lead  to self-improvement.

The poor  handwriting  is  not  only caused  by  lack  of sufficient  training    but  also  because   of  pressure  in the rough  and tumble of competitive life. Our  training enables the learner to gain better penmanship  and they will  come up with good look in the alphabet. Good & Neat handwriting can be used  as a standard  for promotion  in one’s job. It helps the student to score well in examinations. It is obvious to say that if you want to build up your character and complement your qualities and skills.You  have to make sure that your handwriting should be good and neat.

        A Special Feature About Us

Our hand writing courses will not only develop good and neat hand writing but also motivate the learner to work on  Dos and Don’ts in handwriting.

Hence,   it   gets you to

1. respect your writing and the reader as well.

2. Know what is wrong with the way you are writing at present which builds up  strong will in you for penmanship.

3. Use a finer pen and write more distinctly.

4. Keep a desk that lives up to your handwriting.

5. Tackle a single letter at a time, when you have improved on that then start on another letter.

6. Learn How to hold the pen (or) pencil.

7. not to revamp your handwriting all at once

8. Avoid confusion and embarrassment by leaving one letter space between the words.

9. Trim out flowery kinks that clutter your handwriting.