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   Print/Italics Handwriting

We do Handwriting by hand with a pen, pencil, or other instrument in which successive letters are joined or separated(as block letters). We can call the former cursive and the latter  manuscript/print/Italics handwriting.

Print letters are like computer/typewriter letters.They are disconnected and we will find
no decorations and no complex parts. During primary school,the children first learn print capital letters and then lowercase. Later, they learn cursive writing.

Print/italics  Uppercase & Lowercase Letters

print/italics handwriting2

Difference between Print  Handwriting and Cursive Handwriting

Print Writing is not connected where as cursive handwriting is connected.
Cursive includes strokes that move upwards and downwards where as print writing does n’t have any strokes.

print/italics handwriting3


What We Train In  On Print/Italics Handwriting?

(1)   Uppercase Print Letters

(2) Lowercase Print Letters

(3) Words

(4) Sentences

(5) Paragraphs

Initially, the learner will practice in four ruled note book so that he/she would be able to write neatly with equal font size. Later, practice will be done in single ruled note book/ white note book.

Course Duration: 30 Hrs