Cursive Handwriting For Kids And Adults

What is Cursive Handwriting:
Cursive handwriting is one style of penmanship in which the letters are written joined together. We otherwise know them as  script writing or  joined-up writing.
Why is cursive Handwriting
In most of the schools, Cursive Handwriting has become the part of the curriculum for the children. In the cursive writing , as  we write in flowing manner, one’s handwriting looks neat and legible and hence beautiful. And also, one can make the writing faster.
Who is Cursive writing For:   The school/ College students, Competitive Exams aspirants( like group1 services, I.A.S …etc)and handwriting enthusiasts will benefit from this style of writing.  Everyone, irrespective of age should present a written expression in a neat and legible manner so that it shows how committed and serious the writer is about something communicated.

  What do we train in On Cursive writing Course?

 Basic cursive handwriting course (30 hours)

This training enables the learner to write in cursive correctly, neatly and legibly.

(1)  How to hold a pen or pencil.


(2) Writing the cursive strokes.

  • The cursive strokes enable the learner to write the letters in a flow.

(3) Practice of writing the Upper case and lower case letters with a pencil in the four ruled note book.                             

Cursive Uppercase Letters

Cursive Handwriting

Cursive Handwriting


   Cursive Lower case Letters


cursive handwriting 3


  •  This practice enables  the learner to get the grip over the style of writing in a flow.

(4) Joining up the lower case letters in different combination.(26 letters with 26 letters combination)

Eg: aa,ab,ac,………to az,  ba,bb,bc,bd,……….to bz; ca,cb,cc,cd,………to cz…………….. za, zb, zc,…….zz

(5) Writing  words in Cursive in the single ruled note book with pen or pencil.

(6) Writing Sentences and paragraphs.


Fast Cursive handwriting Course (20 hours)

Brief training and practice in the single cursive letters and joined up letters.

Writing down the text from the white board with time limit.

Writing number of paragraphs over the dictation with time limit.

At the end of the training,  the child/adult will find a drastic change in his/her handwriting and get an appreciation from the teachers/ peer group or somebody.