Calligraphy is usually associated with writing in beautiful fonts or artistic styles. Calligraphy is much more than a beautiful and stylish form of writing. It is a manual skill and a form of art which requires the calligrapher to handwrite the letters or symbols in an elegant and pleasant manner while maintaining the proportionality of each and every symbol. This form of writing aims to present the writing designs which portray the historical heritage of handwriting techniques and patterns. Calligraphy not only promotes linguistic skills but also creative skills and enhances the viewer to read the same picture from a new perception. Calligraphy can also help learn the history or origin of a writing form.

Calligraphy has been evolved and adapted by different regions of the world and can be classified on the basis of its regional origin such as Western Calligraphy, East-Asian Calligraphy, Indian Calligraphy and Arabic Calligraphy. This art form had declined with the flourishment of the printing press era but did not lose its essence and was revived after centuries during the Arts and Crafts movement in the nineteenth century. Modern calligraphy has gained importance as a form of art in the digital era as well and has also been evolved in a digital form. In the present day it is widely used for adding an element of grace and grandiose to any important document such as book covers, certificates or records, special invitations and is also incorporated into various font styles and digital forms of art and media.

Calligraphy can also be used to create an impression or grab the attention of people because beautiful writings and designs can never go unnoticed. Customizing various documents, letters or envelopes with calligraphy is costly and learning calligraphy can help in earning money by providing personalized services. Apart from this, it can be used on websites or pamphlets to make the content more attractive. This requires providing digital calligraphy services and developing designs which are also a great source of income. Calligraphy is not just a form of design which can be incorporated into various important documents, web pages, books, movies or official letters to produce content that stands out and catches the eye of the viewer, but can also be learnt as a skill which creates multiple opportunities to work in the field of art and design.