Above 80% of the world’s population is literate in any one language and can read and write that particular language. Four-fifth of the people in the world can write and every person possesses a different writing style. Handwriting styles generally fall into three broad types such as print, pre-cursive and cursive. However, all of us have a handwriting which is unique to us. Handwriting styles may be few in number but there are many writing styles within these handwriting types that are adapted by different individuals. The handwriting of a person can help identify over 5000 of their personal characteristics. As shocking as it may sound, there exists a direct link between the handwriting and the likes and preferences including the personality traits of the individual. The study of graphology extends in the expertise of denoting one’s individual characteristics by studying their handwriting. This study can be used for various purposes such as profile studies, criminal records or even medical diagnosis.

Firstly, writing in small letters means that the person is introverted, concentrated and attentive whereas big letters point towards the person’s capability of being adaptable and people oriented. Then, maintaining wide spacing between letters shows that the person enjoys their personal space and freedom and narrow spacing on the other hand shows that the person likes being with people at all times which might even lead them to intrude others’ personal space at times. The slant of the handwriting also plays a major role in identifying the personality of the individual. No slant suggests that the person is not emotion-driven and follows a logical and practical thought process. Right-sided slant is the trait of a friendly and sentimental person who highly values friendships and relationships and left-sided slant is the trait of a self-oriented, reserved and introverted person. Rounded letters are a sign of creativity, pointed letters of intelligence and intensity and connected letters of decision-making and logical characteristics.

The way specific alphabets are written can also tell us about a person. Narrow loops while writing the alphabet ‘l’ denote the person is of restrictive and stressful nature and on the other hand wider loops denote the person’s calm and naturally expressive nature. How high a person places their stroke on ‘t’ depicts how high their self esteem is. Placing the tittle dot on ‘i’ high is a sign of a high imagination and writing ‘i’ with aloopeddot hints towards a childlike nature whereas a regular dot means that the person is observant of small details. Even the pressure applied while writing, the spaces left for margin, the speed while writing or the signature of the person can be taken into account while studying their handwriting.